Solstice Manufacturing Company is a provider of low-cost, ballasted racking for roof and ground applications with headquarters in New Jersey, and manufacturing facilities all over the country. Solstice is 100% manufactured in the US, including Puerto Rico.


Our mounting system was invented by Lyle Rawlings in 2006 and has been in production since 2007.


As a wholly owned subsidiary of Advanced Solar Products Inc., Solstice has the skill and resources of staff who have been in the industry for decades, including in-house licensed engineers and designers. 


Our mission is to contribute to the overarching goal of the US solar industry: reaching grid parity.  We serve our mission by providing durable, quality mounting at very low cost to installers and by drastically reducing labor costs.









How Solstice
is Different


  • Full understanding of EPC needs; our product is made by installers for installers


  • Best bang for your buck


  • Manufactured locally


  • Personalized service — timely response


  • In-house engineering