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Solstice Mounting System Keeps Solar Panels Intact
As Sandy Roars Ashore In Cape May


Flemington, NJ, 11/14 – When Sandy made landfall in Cape May, NJ, its 89 mile an hour winds ripped roofs and siding off buildings.  However, a ballasted method of solar panel installation called the Solstice® Mounting System, developed by Advanced Solar Products, Inc. ( of Flemington, NJ prevented even a single solar panel from being dislodged from the roof of The Cape May Convention Center.


“The Solstice Mounting System is a ballasted system that uses weight to hold down the racking and modules instead of attaching them directly to the site surface,” explains Lyle Rawlings, a solar pioneer who invented and patented the Solstice Mounting System.   “The system is modular, with all units having rigid connections to all adjacent units rather than directly to the roof or ground.  This makes installation faster, easier and less expensive by eliminating roof and ground penetration.  The structural supports also function as wind deflectors and, because the panels are interconnected, one unit or row cannot peel off in the wind.  As a result, the system can withstand winds up to 145 miles per hour, a wind speed that Sandy never reached.”


The Solstice Mounting System is designed to use one main component as its combination structural support, ballast tray and wind deflector.  “Instead of the wind deflector being a separate component, it is just one function of the integrated Solstice support system,” explains Chris Rawlings, Director of Operations, Solstice Manufacturing Company, LLC.  “While most systems use a wind deflector only on the high uplift areas of the array (north row, east/west column), our simple design philosophy of using one main component results in each and every module having its own wind deflector.  This means less uplift on each module and less uplift on the array as a whole, increasing the safety and stability of the system and increasing the likelihood of the system surviving severe wind conditions such as we experienced during Sandy.”        


Because of its modular design, the Solstice Mounting System readily conforms to complex shapes and can be easily configured to avoid obstacles such as objects on the roof or ground.  Because it requires minimum labor, a four-person crew can install between 240-320 supports per day.  Individual panels can be installed at tilt angles up to 25 degrees and can be easily removed for repair or replacement without disturbing the rest of the array.  The Solstice Mounting System is also much less expensive than other ballasted systems, typically averaging $0.22-$0.25/Watt. 


“Storms such as Sandy will become more frequent if we do not stop greenhouse gas induced climate change,” says Chris Rawlings.  “Widespread adoption of solar power is an economically beneficial way to reduce greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels, and our Solstice mounting system has proven itself capable of withstanding the worst that Mother Nature can throw at us.”


For more information, contact Chris Rawlings, Director of Operations, Solstice Manufacturing at (908) 284-0096 or
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