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Solstice Manufacturing offers mounting solutions for many types of solar installation projects.

Roof Mount

Solstice Roof Mount is a ballasted mounting system for use on flat commercial roofs. The simplicity of design allows for unparalleled strength and durability while continuing our reputation as one of the lowest-cost options on the market.

Addtional Roof Mount Information

  • Flexible, Modular Design
    • Conform to complex shapes
    • Get around roof objects with ease
    • Use all available space
  • One Rigid Structure
    • All units have a rigid connection to all adjacent units
    • One unit or row cannot peel off in the wind
  • Efficient Simple Design
    • The structural support doubles as the wind deflector
    • Fewer parts, simpler installation
  • Low Loading
    • Approximately 4–6 lbs./sf.
  • All-Inclusive System
    • All mounting hardware necessary
    • All grounding hardware
    • Protective slip sheet
    • Wind Letter for permitting.
    • Array layout and ballast diagram
    • Personalized same-day attention and support
    • Free shipping anywhere in NJ
  • Extends Roof Life
    • Reduces wear and tear on a roof

Ground Mount

Solstice Ground Mount is a ballasted, non-penetrating racking solution for use on any type of even terrain.

Now introducing a new high-profile design! With the same high-quality all-aluminum construction, our new Solstice HP design maintains a sleek profile while keeping modules up to 36″ off the ground. Perfect for snowy locales!

Addtional Ground Mount Information

  • Sleek, low profile design
    • Community Friendly
    • Quiet and Simplified Installation
    • Zoning Friendly
  • No Ground Penetrations
    • Reduces cost
    • Permitting made easier
    • Ideal for landfills and brownfields
    • Cheaper operations and maintenance
    • Good for all substrates
  • Fast Installation
    • Low labor
    • Short installation time means generating power faster, and faster return on investment
    • No specialized equipment needed for installation.
  • Large Ground Coverage Ratio
    • Helps to keep weeds down while still not being considered impervious coverage by most townships
  • Modular Design
    • Fits into odd-shaped areas of land resulting in better utilization of space (more kW per acre), unlike large pole-mounted arrays which lead to a large saw-tooth in the north-west and north-east directions.
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